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From the beginning of the name is not reached today by a certain scale and influence, we have gone through a remarkable development road, including hard, joy, frustration, success, but we are always aware that every step development of shengli company could not develop without customers , partners and friends support, trust and care. Here, I represent the shengli company to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone!
Over these years, we firmly insist the "based on science and technology, develop by the quality, through the management for efficiency and innovation to develop" business purposes, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced ideas, method with the industry, combined with the company's actual situation, explored a set of effective management mode to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. We insist "customer first, seeking excellence work," the service concept and the best price to customers, all these above make the development and success of the company's.
Encouraged to go to work, very tolerant of sincere pursuit of excellence, perfect service, this is the victory of the fundamental principles of people doing things, development of the company's motto is victory. We firmly believe that our customers trust and love, with collaboration vendors cooperate sincerely with friends from the community care and support, the company will be able to win based on China in the world, from victory to victory more!
Shengli company chairman of Mr Liguangyi with all staff sincerely welcome all friends from all over the world to visit us.

ADD:Li si wei industrical Zone Dongguang County Hebei probince China.200meter road east and 290Kilometer 104 Country road South Town Dongguang County Hebei Provice
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